Sexting Session with Carina

You are purchasining a live Sexting session with Carina.

Before making this purchase make sure my “Availablity Indicator” says I’m available.

If you make a purchase and I am not available to complete your session, your purchase will be considered a pre-pay purchase and can be used for a future session with me.   It is your responsibility to contact me, via email at to schedule a time to complete your pre-pay session.

To make a purchase simple select the time option you want.  Add to cart and go to check out – during check out you will have the option of completing a field called “Fetish / Fantasy desire”  Please fill this out as it will help me prepare for our sexting session.

Once you complete the check out form click to purchase. You will know within a few seconds if your transaction was approved.  If it was you will have been sent an email with your receipt. This receipt will have information in it that you will need to confirm with Carina when you call.  So make sure you use an email address that you have immediate access to.

When you have completed your purchase please allow at least 5 minutes to allow Carina to prepare for your session then TEXT Carina at 1-725-867-7146 to begin your live sexting session. Have your receipt number ready and the timer will start after I verify your receipt.

If you need help you can email me at